Product Features

LogicalDOC is a document management platform that allows you to optimize your research by searching through documents using parameters, keywords, or content (full-text). The advantage of LogicalDOC is its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval.

Use the comparison matrix below to decide which LogicalDOC edition fits your needs.

LogicalDOC Enterprise & Cloud Business Community
All LogicalDOC editions do not require you to install client software on workstations. The system will be accessible using a normal browser from any PC connected to the internal network. To enter into the system you need only to authenticate yourself.

LogicalDOC is designed for companies that require a document management system and wish to avoid difficult installation and startup problems.

User Interface
Desktop Web Interface      
Mobile Web Interface      
Native iOS App - iPad and iPhone      
Native Android App – Tablets and phones      
Native Kindle Fire App      
Document Management
Full-text Indexing      
Metadata & Templates      
Version Control      
Document Searching      
Multi-Language Support      
Drop Spot (Drag & Drop from your desktop)      
Multi Workspace      
PDF Creation      
Full Preview      
OCR - Optical Character Recognition      
Zonal OCR - Metadata extraction    
Online Editing      
Digital Signature      
Barcode Recognition      
Publishing Policies      
Stamping (Digital Watermarking)      
Forms Management      
Custom Document Identifier      
Auto naming and Auto folding      
Document Import and Synchronization
Import from ZIP archives      
Import from Folders      
LogicalDOC Sync  
Hot Folders  
Document Delivery (Export Archives)      
Import from E-Mail boxes      
Scan to LogicalDOC      
Check-in & Check-out      
Annotations on Documents      
Send as E-mail or Download Ticket      
Internal Messaging System      
Integrated contacts addressbook      
Document Rating      
Events Subscription      
RSS Feeds on Folders and Documents      
Professional Workflow      
Events Calendar      
Security, Users, Groups      
Statistics panel      
Task Manager      
Installer for Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC      
Events Log      
Duplicates Detection      
System and User Quota      
Multi Volumes Storage      
Multi Tenancy    
Documents archiving      
Retention policies      
Custom Reports      
Incremental Backup  
SOAP - Web Services      
CMIS - Content Management Interoperability Services      
CIFS - Common Internet File System  
FTP - File Transfer Protocol  
Wordpress explorer      
Joomla explorer      
Microsoft Office Add-in      
Microsoft Outlook Add-in      
Google Drive      
Zoho Docs      
Citrix ShareFile      
LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory      
Kofax - Metadata extraction    

Choose between Saas and Software license

LogicalDOC Cloud is a SaaS offering for those users that do not have the resources for a self-hosted system. In this approach, LogicalDOC will be maintained in our data center. You will not have anything to install; just purchase and forget all the infrastructure and maintenance issues.

LogicalDOC On-Premises is the traditional software package that you can install on your own in your data center. The automated installer is just a 'next' - 'next' procedure so that you will have your LogicalDOC installed in minutes.

Our global offices

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Our offices are located all over the globe with multi-language assistants to help you solve your document management needs. The network of partners ensures a widespread local presence to guarantee your investment.

Our support team is a dedicated professional crew. They are actively involved in product development

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