LogicalDOC solves your problems

LogicalDOC is the answer to all of your document management needs. Its introduction will immediately increase your business’ productivity.
The LogicalDOC system can be easily adapted to your business processes, and its automatic import procedures allow your users to work with the program without directly interacting with it.

Take a look at this brief list of possible application areas.

Application AreaBenefits

Research and Development

Enable robust information security and document security
Improve collaboration between departments
Manage your organization’s valuable knowledge
Maintain records of document history and previous revisions and modifications

Technical Office

Archive and index CAD drawings, manuals, and product sheets
Create a shared environment used to generate product documentation
Access company knowledge and information
Maintain a history of all documents, including previous versions

Sales and Marketing

Reduce sales cycle times
Bring together the people and tools you need to build effective marketing teams
Increase collaboration between sales and marketing teams
Decrease ramp-up time and improve consistency with veterans

Paperless Office

Convert a hard-copy archive into its electronic counterpart
Free up storage space in your office by destroying hard-copy documents
Make your legal and sensitive documents easily accessible
Protect documents from unauthorized access

Law Firm

Store and organize case files, including previous versions of documents
Search for files written by users using technical specifications
Maintain easy access to each lawsuit’s documentation
Link files within your practice to create larger records

Knowledge Management

Version and Revision Control – Members always have access to the most up-to-date information
Access Log – Tracks knowledge usage history
Document Approval Route – Improved workflow coordinates your team’s operations
Discussion and Comments – Records communication regarding document development


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