Legal Document Management

Law firms handle every day a large amount of documents

law-main-imgFile storage and quick retrieval of the documents required are the two main challenges of document management in the legal field.

By using LogicalDOC, legal professionals and employees can write case files using common word processing software and store those files with specific metadata.

Each file is automatically numbered, archived, and versioned. The software maintains a copy of all previous versions in order to allow for inspection or review at a later date.

For law firms seeking more document control, LogicalDOC answers these needs

  • Creation and handling of case files
  • Storage and versioning of case files
  • Searchable files written using technical specifications
  • Easy access to each lawsuit’s documentation
  • Ability to link data files to create larger case records
  • Ability to convert hard copy documents to searchable digital files using a scanner and LogicalDOC’s OCR capabilities

Handled Documents

  • Client Information
  • Case Files

Involved Offices and Personnel

  • Lawyers
  • Editors
  • Technical Managers

Improved Processes

  • Management of the practice archive
  • Creation of files
  • Production, handling, and consultation of case files

Advantages of Using the Web Interface

Through the assignment of appropriate privileges, the web interface allows direct access to documents by firm employees and anyone outside the firm who is following a case and needs additional documentation – at any time and from any place.

Our global offices

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Our offices are located all over the globe with multi-language assistants to help you solve your document management needs. The network of partners ensures a widespread local presence to guarantee your investment.

Our support team is a dedicated professional crew. They are actively involved in product development

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