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Compare versions of a document within Microsoft Office

This video about LogicalDOC Office Addin shows how you can compare different versions of the same file within Microsoft Office. Once you open a Word document from the document repository, if this document has multiple versions, you can select one and the software will make a complete comparison of the contents. This function is particularly useful for work groups that collaboratively modify documents or to quickly review the changes applied

Attach a file as download ticket in Outlook

This video about the LogicalDOC Outlook Addin shows how you can insert a link to a file stored in the Document Management System directly inside the email you are composing. More information at

Compare two documents in LogicalDOC

In this video you will see how to compare two different documents or two versions of the same document in LogicalDOC using different technologies. For more information In LogicalDOC 8.3 an extension mechanism has been implemented for comparing documents. These new APIs allow you to implement the comparison using different software and technologies within the document solution

Import email from mailboxes

This video tutorial shows how to set up the import of emails from a mailbox in LogicalDOC The document management software inspects the set mailbox at regular intervals and through various filter/storage policies transforms the email message into a document in the archive. The resulting document is therefore available for consultation; once indexed by the system, a user can easily find it using full-text search. For more details consult the documentation

Drag & Drop files and folders into the Document Management System (Drop Spot)

In this video you will see how to upload whole folders tree from your desktop directly into LogicalDOC with pure HTML5 implementation. This solution replaces the previous one and is much more functional, there will no longer be the need to download an applet file to upload documents, with the limitation of operating in the same folder. Furthermore this new mode does not require the presence of Java installed on the client PC. More information at:

Barcode Scanner Filter in Document Management

In this video you will see the barcode reading features available in LogicalDOC, combined with barcode type filtering options and regular expressions to "purify" the reading results (since LD 8.0.1). Finally the reading result will be used to populate a pair of fields (metadata) of the custom document type used to classify the file. For more information

Using LogicalDOC DMS 7.7.4 Docker image

In this video, you will be shown how to easily install LogicalDOC DMS (Enterprise Edition) on Linux Ubuntu using Docker. A very similar process can be used on macOS. Steps from Step 1: Get an activation code for the trial version Step 2: docker pull logicaldoc/logicaldoc-ee-mysql Step 3: docker run --name=logicaldoc-ee -p 8080:8080 --env LDOC_USERNO=activation_code logicaldoc/logicaldoc-ee-mysql For further information and optional parameters, please refer to the Docker image published on Docker Hub

Version Control of documents in LogicalDOC DMS

This is a simple demo of how LogicalDOC DMS allows you to manage different versions of a document. Check out more at

Synchronize files with your document management software

With LogicalDOC Sync you can synchronize local folders with remote LogicalDOC repositories. You can have more than one folder synchronized. Your local work is automatically replicated to the DMS, and, at the same time, any change that happens in the remote document archive is faithfully reproduced. More information at

Document Preview in LogicalDOC DMS

The new document preview technology present in LogicalDOC 7.6 uses PDFjs module to render a beatiful preview of MS Office and LibreOffice documents. User can browse a document by thumbnails, using the index and search it by keyword. See it in action on a large document (456 pages). Read more at

Best Document Management System For Any Kind Of Business

Best Document Management System For Any Kind Of Business There are different types of software designed and programmed to serve different functions and purposes, the EDMS – Electronic Document Management System is one of them. document management system What is the EDMS? An electronic document management system is a software system designed to organize and store documents of different kinds or forms. It is a particular type of document management system – a general form of document management system designed to help with the organization and storage of digital or paper documents by its users. Although the EDMS is specially designed to handle digital documents, it is sometimes used for paper documents also. The software can likewise handle digital scanned copies of original paper documents. With the EDMS, you can store a large volume of digital documents centrally, and LogicalDOC is designed with great features for proper efficiency! Several similarities have been drawn between the EDMS and the Content Management System (CMS) by some experts, however, some differences have been spotted as well. For instance, one main difference between these two software is that the EDMS is basically used for archiving, while the Content Management System is used to handle a few web contents centrally – that is, from a central website. Our document management software contains a web-based user interface that performs operations including file sharing, setting security roles, and finding and auditing enterprise records and registers. By using a document management system, users can easily communicate and collaborate with one another. Documents are not created or consumed in a vacuum – information is created for a purpose! Furthermore, the flow of documents through the business cycle can be tracked and managed, from sharing and collaboration, through approval, to reviews and revisions. Even if your start from paper documents, you can digitalize them and then let the document management software to handle their conversion into digital documents and organization in filing cabinets. LogicalDOC contains a web-based user interface that performs operations including file sharing, setting security roles, and finding and auditing enterprise records and registers. LogicalDOC puts the knowledge worker in condition to find, use, share, and secure valuable corporate content. Information assets contribute to the constant flow of business, and collaboration on new or existing documents is central to how users engage with corporate knowledge. A secure, interactive archive connects teams to critical information, even across the most decentralized organizations. To ensure that digital documents are classified accordingly, many information systems rely on a comprehensive process for the storage of documents, with certain elements known as metadata inclusive. With the metadata around a document, easy access to essential details is provided to those who are looking for what they need in archives; be it by keywords, chronology, topic, or other related strategies. Most times, the precise documentation for original storage protocols is an essential part of what rates an electronic document management system so valuable to an organization or a business. Share and Collaborate In the last 15 years, the document management solutions evolved from simple document imaging to more complex tasks like workflow, editing and collaboration. Nowadays our electronic document management system (edms) helps your employees to save time by finding the right information exactly when it’s needed. Empower your teams to share, access, enrich, and store high-quality content in a single place and improve. LogicalDOC implements both content management and records management and can manage all your organization’s documents and valuable intelligence in a secure archive that spans the entire company. Create, distribute, and improve records within team collaborative workspaces while ensuring proper approval and reviews with positive workflow. LogicalDOC can be deployed in different ways: Stand-alone You have the system in place into your Server (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating systems) with local file systems. LogicalDOC comes with an embedded database and doesn't require the installation of additional components. Shared Server The best use of LogicalDOC is as a shared service. You can install LogicalDOC on a server that is accessible to all the workstations in your organization. This approach allows you to easily store documents in a central repository. LogicalDOC Cloud This is the cloud based approach. This solution allows you to use LogicalDOC on our servers cloud storage without having to install anything, always online 24/24. For more information about document management system, visit us at

LogicalDOC Enterprise - Ubuntu easy setup

How to setup LogicalDOC document management software system Enterprise Edition on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 This video show the easy setup procedure through the install package. For more information
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