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LogicalDOC Mobile Android app

LogicalDOC Mobile App allows you to work with files and contents stored inside your Document Management System server from your Android smartphone or tablet. More information @ Among other functions, this App allows you to browse the document repository, upload multiple documents or camera images from the device, handle multiple accounts, stream videos without having to download them, provides thumbnails for image type documents. LogicalDOC Mobile allows interfacing with all commercial and open source versions of LogicalDOC DMS 8.5.2 Android 10 operating system is required, while the application is completely free, you don't have to pay anything to download and use it.


This is a simple demonstration of how LogicalDOC DMS integrate with the Citrix ShareFile secure file sharing and transfer service. Learn more at LogicalDOC integration with ShareFile allows you to import and export documents and folders between both applications. Users can edit the documents by using the browser without the need of a local program Feature details Online editing and automated checkin-checkout Creation of a new document from scratch Concurrent editing within multiple users Import of documents into ShareFile Import of documents from ShareFile into LogicalDOC

Scan to LogicalDOC

See how easy it is to scan documents directly into LogicalDOC from inside the user interface. You can use this feature with whatever USB or network scanned that supports the TWAIN standard. More information @ Scanning and converting paper documents in a document management system, allows the conversion of your office from paper to paperless. Once scanned, documents can be shared and found in LogicalDOC as PDF, TIFF or JPEG documents. This feature allows you to scan documents from your PC's scanner directly into LogicalDOC simply using the browser. This is particularly useful when you have to scan a small amount of sheets and you have no access to the networked digital Multi-function Printer (MFP). #dms #documentmanagement #scans

Installation of LogicalDOC into Synology

This videos shows how simple is to install LogicalDOC document management system in your Synology device. LogicalDOC is now available in the Synology marketplace. More info @ LogicalDOC is a document management software that can be perfectly executed on any Synology device. This version of LogicalDOC includes a web-based user interface that performs operations, including file sharing, setting up security roles, and finding and verifying business records and registers. LogicalDOC ensures that digital documents are classified. Many information systems, therefore, rely on an extensive process for document storage, with certain elements known as metadata. Usually, the precise documentation for original storage protocols is an essential part of how fast an electronic document management system is so valuable to an organization or company, further demonstrating the essence of the Synology NAS. Read about the installation process

Electronic signature with DocuSign

DocuSign is the world’s #1 way to send and sign from anywhere, at any time. With the DocuSign integration tool, you will be able to prepare envelopes of contracts in LogicalDOC and distribute them to different signatories. More info @ * Get the contracts signed by different persons through DocuSign * Maintain all your contracts in LogicalDOC * Saves costs without having to send physical letters * Edit the signature places into LogicalDOC * Handle different kind of fields(not just signatures) * Multiple files in a single envelope * When the documents are signed in DocuSign, they will also be updated in LogicalDOC The user guide is available at

Extracting fields with Zonal OCR

Zonal OCR is a type of optical character recognition employed by scanning software that allows the software to read specific areas or "zones" of a document. For more information These zones are determined by setting up scanning templates or "batches" inside the scanning software. LogicalDOC integrates a complete Zonal OCR module. The user guide is available at

Previewing DICOM medical files

Starting from version 8.3 LogicalDOC integrates a preview module for DICOM files. You can now preview the medical files directly within the DMS More info at: This module adds the possibility of zooming, measuring distances, areas and angles, applying filters to the image. Furthermore, if the study includes several images in sequence, it is possible to visualize them in an animation

How to split a PDF document in different ways

This video explains how you can split pdf documents using different policies. More info at: You can split a document on each page or a selection of them, or you can use separators such as blank pages, specific barcodes or specific text strings. All the splitting features displayed in the user interface are also available within the Automation API and WebServices.

How to annotate documents with LogicalDOC Document Management

This mini tutorial explains how you can put visual annotations inside the documents stored in LogicalDOC - document management system software. More info at: Notes enable users to discuss about the document and its evolution. All users with read permission can see the notes added on a document. Annotations are post-its or comments placed on the content of documents. You can annotate documents as soon as you can access them, i.e. when you have at least "Read" right.

Applying the stamps to documents

This video about the stamping feature of LogicalDOC and shows how you can apply stamps inside a document. If you select a file, you can then select a stamp and position it visually.

Applying a digital signature to documents

This video about the digital signature feature of LogicalDOC and shows how you can apply a digital signature inside a document. If you select a file, you can then digitally sign with your certificate and position it visually.

Script automation for document management

This video explains how you can program the automation engine in order to make things happening automatically inside LogicalDOC - document management system. More info at: Automation is a pervasive aspect of the LogicalDOC platform and represents the way you have to program things using a simple scripting language. Sometimes you wish LogicalDOC to execute your own logic when something special happens during a workflow or in reaction to specific events occurrend inside the repository: with the Automation you can inject your own algorithm to take the proper actions automatically. Many objects support Automation and allow you to define custom Automation's scripts(folders, workflows, emails, etc.)
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