Scanning and converting paper documents in a document management system, allows the conversion of your office from paper to paperless.

Once scanned, documents can be shared and found  in LogicalDOC as TIFF documents. This feature allows you to scan documents from your PC's scanner directly into LogicalDOC simply using the browser. This is particularly useful when you have to scan a small amount of sheets and you have no access to the networked digital Multi-function Printer (MFP).

Benefits of this feature

  • Scan documents from everywhere
  • Convert paper documents into electronic documents
  • Secure your paper documents by storing them in LogicalDOC
  • You can merge different paper sheets into a single document

Feature details

  • Needs Windows and Java Runtime on the client PC
  • Compatible with all TWAIN devices
  • Produces single or multi-page tiffs
  • The produced documents are then analyzed by the LogicalDOC OCR to make them full-text searcheable
  • More details in the User's Guide

Scanning and converting paper documents within an electronic document management system provides an end-to-end approach for information management, from paper to paperless.

Once scanned, documents can be searched and found instantly in Document Locator®. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology and full-text indexing means documents can be searched based on words or phrases within the documents' content.

The optional scanning components integrate with any TWAIN-compliant scanner or networked digital Multi-function Printer (MFP). All scanned documents, and associated metadata, are kept in a secure repository using Microsoft SQL Server technology. Documents can be scanned ad-hoc one at a time, by the hundreds at a time, or in an automated way using scanning templates. Previously scanned documents or digital files can be imported without the need to re-scan files.

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