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Software Solutions for Document Filing and Storage

Software Solutions for Document Filing and Storage

A storage for digital documents that is safe and easy

From basic network file sharing on Windows or Linux file servers to purpose-built storage devices, LogicalDOC document archiving solutions provide a number of options for where and how your information will be saved and handled.

For any file in the system, LogicalDOC allows you to save an infinite number of live, online copies. If your primary file servers are unavailable due to hardware or network issues, LogicalDOC automatically switches to secondary copies to ensure no business interruption.

Separation of data and file storage for optimized performance

While your file servers or storage devices manage your electronic files, LogicalDOC allows your database to do what it does best: manage data.

LogicalDOC can function at optimal efficiency at any scale, from a local departmental solution to a worldwide business deployment, thanks to the separation of data and documents. All of this is done while making maintenance and backups more manageable.

Upgrade your document filing system with LogicalDOC file storage software solution

LogicalDOC provides a number of file archiving and storage options, including the following:

  • Local Folders: Naturally LogicalDOC can save documents on local folders to the system on which it is installed, moreover it is possible to add new saving repositories when the space on a disk starts to run out. This allows you to easily distribute documents across multiple disks without having to transfer documents each time.
  • SMB Network Shares: LogicalDOC allows you to have storage locations on network folders accessible via the Samba (SMB) protocol version 2 and 3.
  • Cloud Storages: documents can be stored in the cloud on Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure platforms.
  • Document transfer: LogicalDOC allows data and content to be shared and/or replicated between two or more independent LogicalDOC systems. This equips users to interact with information across distributed organizational structures and geographies.
  • Synology and QNAP: LogicalDOC provides installation packages with specific paths for Synology and QNAP NAS systems. These packages allow you to run LogicalDOC directly on board these devices and directly use the storage resources for documents.
  • Authoring and exporting CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs: LogicalDOC integrates an export tool that allows the latching of archives in human-readable format. These archives contain the document files together with an export of their properties and attributes in xml format.

Are you interested in learning more? Please contact us to learn more about how LogicalDOC can assist you with your records management requirements.

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