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18 October 2021

A Single Point of Access to all of the information

Single data access point for shared informationThere will be a need for a location where project managers, inventory managers, consultants, mergers and acquisitions workers, and others may access common information in the end.

For this, a centralized repository for shared information can be most effective, allowing equitable access to all parties involved.

Using the phrase "shared information," on the other hand, raises important issues like data security and privacy. We want to ensure that the information is accessible only to those we know and trust. We also wish to prevent anyone from attempting to obtain this information in an unfair manner (say, by hacking into the system). Finally, we don't want anything to happen to the data that prevents anyone from ever having access to it (like theft or damage).

The following features are required in a secure system:

  • Safety and Security
  • User Access Controls
  • Collaboration

LogicalDOC is a Safe and Secure application

While the pain of losing a physical copy is understandable, physical copies were never intended to be accessed by several individuals at the same time, especially if they were in separate places. On top of all that, the security of an actual physical copy depends on where it is stored and cannot be relied upon to last for lengthy periods of time. Although the data can be stored virtually on a physical server and accessed from a user's terminal, the entire information supply chain is only as robust as its most vulnerable component. To top it all off, the hardware on these servers is still vulnerable to failure.

LogicalDOC, on the other hand, offers a solution that addresses all of these issues while still being simple for customers to use in the cloud. This allows consumers to join from anywhere in the globe using any web-enabled device. A distant place where your data is backed up many times, just in case.

Even the fastest supercomputer would need billions of years to crack LogicalDOC's 256-bit encryption, which is equivalent to bank-level security. SSL encryption is used for all communications into and out of the system. As a result, you may relax knowing that no one will be able to access that system unless they have received the necessary authorization.

A password policy of your choice may also be implemented throughout the system to ensure that your central repository for shared information has no weak links.

Managing User Access to your shared information Central Repository

There are many stakeholders on your system, and you want to provide them enough access to accomplish their tasks properly without giving them too much access that they wind up somewhere they shouldn't be. Using LogicalDOC's cloud storage, individuals may have access to a variety of material at varied levels of privilege.

If all users could access the information without modifying it, a central repository for shared data would make sense. This means you may set up a folder with all the necessary information in it, then provide read-only access to the folder to the appropriate individuals. Additionally, you have the option of making the folder invisible to other users.


LogicalDOC may be set up such that a team of users collaborates on these folders. Teams must collaborate, which might be difficult if they are distributed. You don't have to be concerned about "how" while using LogicalDOC's platform because it's available from anywhere in the world.

Working together in real time on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint projects feels like you're sitting right next to each other using LogicalDOC's Office Addin for Microsoft Office 365 (separate membership needed). You may work together on a file or a folder in the same way.

Or, you may set it up such that just the person working on it has access to it.

It's a strong solution when used in conjunction with LogicalDOC's sophisticated OCR search, versioning, and audit-trials capabilities. 


A central repository for shared knowledge does not have to be very complicated to use effectively. Centralized work should be as simple as checking in and receiving access without having to worry about accessibility, security, or downtime, no matter what application it is for.

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