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LogicalDOC achieves Capterra's Best value for money

LogicalDOC has been awarded Capterra's value for money badge, based on reviews from Document Management software

Today with our great satisfaction LogicalDOC has been awarded Capterra's value for money badge, based on reviews from Document Management software users.

Currently in Capterra there are several hundred products listed in Document Management and therefore receiving this badge is a great accomplishment.

This is excellent news for our company and for our team and testifies to our daily effort in developing and updating our software and at the same time our commitment to our customers to assist them in the best possible way.

To find out more, visit the page about award methodology of the badge on the Capterra's website.

LogicalDOC unveils the Two-Factor Authentication

LogicalDOC login with 2FA

For LogicalDOC users and to ensure that their documents are well protected, LogicalDOC has made further progress to strengthen document management security by supporting two-factor authentication (2FA), in which Google Authenticator and YubiKey play a major role in implementation.

Two-factor authentication is now recommended to secure login of Internet services and protect against phishing attacks and credential theft.
This kind of authentication generates an on-the-fly token for the users, thereby increases the security of your accounts by requiring a second verification key/code during login.

Two-factor authentication makes it difficult for hackers to access online accounts and person’s devices because of its advanced security level.
It is not enough to recognize the victim's password to pass authentication verification. To prevent the data of their users’ from hackers, online services are progressively introducing 2FA. Two-factor authentication is responsible for accessing and controlling the sensitive data and systems.

LogicalDOC supports the two-factor authentication by integrating a couple of the most successfully 2FA technologies like Google Authenticator and YubiKey.

"We believe that offering various possibilities of two-factor authentication is important for our customers, and to further diversify the choice we decided to select two completely different options: Google Authenticator via software App and YubiKey as hardware option"

Alessandro Gasparini - CTO

LogicalDOC available on SYNOLOGY devices

LogicalDOC, has scored a huge win with the placement of its application on SYNOLOGY. This powerful synergy enables SYNOLOGY customers to install LogicalDOC on their device as well as use it as a storage engine.

LogicalDOC DMS on Synology NAS
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"Each of our innovations comes with real-time benefits to our customers. We will keep spreading our service across various channels to build better collaborations and communication across the board. The uniquely designed web interface will continue to reflect the essence of speed, convenience and value to each user."

Product Phase out Notification

Dear Partners and Users, LogicalDOC really appreciates your great support on document management business. According to the EOL terms, LogicalDOC phased out the following products:

  • LogicalDOC Enterprise 7.3.x, 7.4.x, 7.5.x
  • LogicalDOC Business 7.3.x, 7.4.x, 7.5.x

LogicalDOC will no longer accept any order even for special project based on the products listed above.
LogicalDOC will no longer support any installation on the products listed above.
We strongly suggest our Users to upgrade their installation to the 7.6 series
We appreciate your understanding and will keep focus on providing more enhanced products for you.

LogicalDOC 7.7 is out

We are really happy to announce the availability of LogicalDOC 7.7. This step offers many security upgrades and general feature improvements


Among other features, notable changes include:

  • Retention policies on Folders
  • Custom reports in XLSX format
  • Completely configurable File Format conversion system
  • Support for remote storage


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