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23 September 2021

The Need For Document Control Software In The Manufacturing Industry

Document Management Software for ManufacturingThe manufacturing process is the connecting link between creative thinking and implementable solutions. A person could conceive of a novel innovation every now and then, but unless the invention is manufactured and put to use, it will be nothing more than an idea.

 In short, LogicalDOC can help you automate your whole shop floor, and it can also enable other shop floor personnel to transition into the digital age. Through the use of LogicalDOC as Document management software for manufacturing, you may achieve a totally paperless shop floor while also ensuring compliance with stringent industry requirements by streamlining and automating the documentation process.

Workflow Management

The way the manufacturing process works from start to finish reveals that there is a sizable market for document control. LogicalDOC can assist you in quickly resolving your documentation issues. It allows you to manage processes by guaranteeing that everyone in the pipeline has access to the most up-to-date information without having to double-check anything. This implies that all source files have been reviewed and validated, and all outputs and reports have been updated and shared correctly.

To do so, establish a file or folder that contains all of the essential files and provide all stakeholders, such as attorneys and process owners, access to it. We can provide individuals view-only rights if they need them without having to participate in the process directly. You may also assure compliance by combining audit trails with access logs and ledgers that track which user accessed which file and for how long.

All you have to do to preserve the needed openness from the whole process is ensure that all relevant persons have access to the file, and the rest will take care of itself.

They can upload a file to a folder and allow another round of access to the same stakeholders for outputs, wherever a ledger is stored. Rather of having to manage each stage separately, this will make the entire process easier and more efficient.

Searching is simple

To quickly set up a secure, centralized document repository that manages all papers, including standards, customer drawings, procedures, and so on, you'll need a large library of readily searchable files. The OCR-powered search in LogicalDOC can help you find any file you need, regardless of folder structure or clutter. To determine which file is being requested, the search employs data, metadata, and read-only material, such as text from a scan, picture, or PDF file. Furthermore, you may establish related files, such as those connected with a vendor, which will carry all of the files, invoices, orders, and so on with you if you just call on one. You only need the context this way, and everything else will fall into place.


LogicalDOC even allows you to set up file versioning so you can track a file's progress. Instead than depending on extra backups, setting versions will let you get back to an earlier version if someone makes a modification to try out.


You may also set up your workflow such that all approvals are delivered to team members through email, alerting them that a document needs to be evaluated. The same applies for any written permissions you may require.

Automatic Retention and Numbering

You may set up your files to use whatever numbering scheme you like. This can make sorting a big number of files much easier. When you need to keep a file for a particular amount of time, such as a source file or a report, you may use automatic retention policies. You can also define a self-destruct timer to make the file no longer exist after it has been taken over.


You won't ever lose files thanks to the bank-level security and three-layer deletion system. You can upload a single file that is several gigabytes (GB) at a time, allowing you to conveniently manage huge source files for production. Overall, LogicalDOC is designed to digitally simplify the production process.

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