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LogicalDOC 7.6.2 ready to go

After one month in this new year 2017, our company is ready to deliver the new version 7.6.2. This step offers many security upgrades and general feature improvements


Among other features, notable changes include:

  • Brute force attack prevention
  • Notify of quota exceeded
  • Administration of the Branding
  • Ability for Administrators to unset passwords


LogicalDOC announces new Swiss partner


We are proud to announce the availability of local support and field engineering supplied by our featured partner in Switzerland, Dick & Figli sa.

They says: "Dick & Figli SA is a family company since 1971. Dick & Figli SA has the perfect team to match all requests of the clients, for office furniture, for home furniture and complements and even for IT systems. EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS IS OUR DAILY CHALLENGE."

Dick & Figli sa ׀ via G. Buffi 10 ׀ CH - 6900 Lugano
Tel: +41-(0)91-910 41 00

Available extension for WordPress

LogicalDOC Wordpress explorerplh

We are glad to announce the launch of a new extension that integrates LogicalDOC in WordPress.

This solution will allow webmasters to easily connect the popular CMS WordPress with LogicalDOC, simplifying the process for users with a basic knowledge of CMS. LogicalDOC WordPress Explorer, this is the name of the new extension, support exposing in a controlled manner a part of the document repository, enabling folders browsing, document downloading and full-text search.

The incredible benefits of the new extension include the ability to automatically publish LogicalDOC content on a website, and not only that, the new integration will allow users of the Web site to use a web file manager in a more comfortable way.Through this feature will be easy to safely display documents on a local network (Intranet) or remote (Extranet).

Thanks to its simple and easy to use interface the plugin is easy to configure and highly functional, has the special ability to connect to any instance of LogicalDOC (commercial and community editions); users can browse the contents of the document archive with a breadcrumb facility and any time filter and sort the documents viewed.

LogicalDOC WordPress Explorer is available as a free download; you can also ask for a demo to see the extension in action.


Greek and Bulgarian translations available in LogicalDOC 7.5.4

We are excited to announce that in version 7.5.4 has been introduced full support to the Greek and Bulgarian languages.
Not only the web interface of the software has been 100% translated in the two languages, but also the search algorithms and indexing have been revisited, this in order to allow users perform full-text searches on native-language documents.

Our expert linguists have also completed the translation of the software for the Swedish and Arabic.
Currently LogicalDOC is translated into more than 17 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, German, Spanish and Hebrew.

In the near future we plan to improve the internationalization process by completing the translation into Turkish, Russian and Korean; our goal is to achieve 100% in these languages by the end of this year
As for the Add-ins for MS Office and Outlook soon they will be updated with the translations already available.


LogicalDOC won as Best Document Management System!

People chose LogicalDOC at CMS Critic award

With your support, LogicalDOC has been elected at the 2016 CMS Critic awards as Best Document Management System!

The CMS Awards is an annual competition organized by the famous portal CMS Critic. The competition has achieved a good reputation and is held annually since 2012.

We are very pleased with the recognition obtained, but we want to keep our feet on the ground, although the category which were nominated included only two competitors, our opponent eFileCabinet is a product of proven quality with a good user base.

To our advantage, it has certainly played the community of open source users who can download and use LogicalDOC Community Edition (AKA LogicalDOC CE) freely without having to pay a penny.

Alessandro Gasparini - CMO

One more time we want to thank all those who backed us so far,
supporters of the open-source software movement, the development team and all members of the staff of LogicalDOC, our loyal clients and the partners for their affection and their constant sustain and encouragement.

Many thanks for your vote!



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