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28 June 2024

LogicalDOC Community Edition 8.9.1

A new version that offers improved performance, greater security and a more intuitive user interface!

LogicalDOC Community Edition (LogicalDOC CE) is an open-source document management system published under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
This document management software is free and supported by passionate developers and technicians through the user community.
Both businesses and individuals can benefit from the centralized administration, storage, search and sharing capabilities offered by LogicalDOC Community Edition, a free FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) software application. This means that not only is it free, but it also gives users the freedom to run, study, share and help develop the software.

In the spirit of collaboration that characterizes the Community Edition, we are happy to share with you this latest update, which adds new features, fixes problems, and makes numerous changes. Document management is advanced with amazing new features and improvements, which also facilitate user experience and increase operational efficiency.
LogicalDOC Community Edition, with its bilingual desktop interface and intuitive features, is designed to let you manage your document needs. Its features, such as document search, full-text indexing in multiple languages, task manager, zip file import, and full version control, are all conveniently accessible, making document management even more straightforward.


One of LogicalDOC's most versatile features is its ability to index document content using multiple algorithms depending on the language of the document. It is available in a wide range of languages, including Russian, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and many more, ensuring it can adapt to your specific document management needs.

In the future, this will allow full-text searches using "intelligent" algorithms.

Furthermore, you can connect your system to other apps with the help of SOAP and REST API interfaces from the LogicalDOC community.
The LogicalDOC documentation website hosts all the necessary documentation for the Web Service API, which can be accessed at <>

Also included are a WebDAV and CMIS interface, and native apps for iOS and Android have been launched, downloadable for free from iTunes and Google Play.

The improvements in LogicalDOC 8.9.1 CE are awesome:

  •   Implemented support for Java17
  •  New control panels for bookmarks
  •  View bin size in the statistics panel
  •  View statistics on current system usage and historical usage
  •  Calculate the total number of entries and total tree size of a folder
  •  It is possible to configure the list of allowed external commands
  •  Graphical representation of system usage
  •  Introduced the History Tab in the Indexing panel
  •  New read-only extended attributes
  •  Implementations in password security
  •  Dependent drop-down lists
  •  Validation of customizable fields
  •  New visual Cron expression composer
  •  Bulk update available in the search screen

And the news doesn't end here.
Discover them all, and try the new LogicalDOC 8.9.1 CE version!
To see all features, go to

You can get this distribution in various formats from the LogicalDOC website:

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