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Happy 10th Birthday LOGICALDOC

We are happy to share with you the tenth anniversary of the founding of our company LOGICALDOC.

We started in 2006 as a small company with a business idea quite different from that which then took place, but with people of great qualities and ability to sacrifice; now it’s awesome to look back and see what we have achieved.

Initially we had just our corporate website in a single language, but now we have a product website localized in 6 languages plus a constellation of sites working together to support the product that itself is available in 15 different languages; moreover our partners network daily interfaces with us to provide the best support service.

It has been a long and demanding route, but also rich of satisfactions; 2015 ended with our best sales ever and we are ready for this New Year to present exciting news for our document management system.

We take this opportunity to thank the many friends who have followed us over the years, our partners for their encouragement and support and all our customers who have placed their trust in us and in our product

We also know that LOGICALDOC is not just a software. The product is just the tangible aspect of something much greater: the community. You are the key variable in this equation, and you are the reason for LogicalDOC's success. The value of LogicalDOC is that, as a community, we've become greater than the sum of our parts.

For your work over the last ten years, in making LogicalDOC what it is today, we thank you all. For your future work, over the next ten years, we thank you in advance. Happy 10th birthday, LogicalDOC!

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