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For manufacturing and design companies, or for professional studies, there are two important processes: the production of the technical manuals, and the availability of the drawings, which are updated and changed over time for people who must produce or assemble.
Using LogicalDOC, designers who produce drawings in AUTOCAD, can archive their vectorial documents with preview capabilities. Each modification on a specific drawing is tracked, maintaining the history of every version to allow inspection in the future.
With the management of technical departments, LogicalDOC answers the following requirements:
● archiving of CAD drawings with version management
● searching drawings by parameters
● creation and management of the production of Technical Manuals
● management of product's sheets
● management of project's documentation

Documents handled:

CAD drawings, Product manuals, Product sheets, Project's documentation.

Offices involved:

Design, Production, Technical writers, Technical Manager.

Improved processes:

● drawings archive management
● production, maintenance and consultation of products sheets
● production, maintenance and consultation of technical manuals
● production of documentation needed by products

Management of Product's sheets:

The products come with at least two sheets: one describes the features, prerequisites and the production mode, while the other describes the production cycle.
All completed sheets can be archived in the appropriate folder dedicated to the project inside LogicalDOC.

Production of project and product documentation:

Projects, product sheets, technical manuals and all the documentation that certifies the product's quality must be provided to customers.
By using the feature 'Export to ZIP', this documentation, or part of it, can be delivered to the customer into a single and easy to read ZIP archive.

Advantages in the use of the WEB interface:

The WEB interface introduces a lot of protections, so you can allow your customers to access the archive and see only what you want. In the same way, your technical personnel that are performing an installation and needs documentation can access LogicalDOC anywhere from the Internet.

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