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Virtual Appliances

Virtual Appliances

LogicalDOC is also available as ready to go Virtual Appliances. It is a LogicalDOC installed and configured in a virtual machine, created with VirtualBox and exported in OVA format.  You should be able to import this kind of archive into your VirtualBox or VMWare installation.

All Virtual Appliances share the same caracteristics:

Password of OS root user logicaldoc
Password of OS logicaldoc user logicaldoc
LogicalDOC URL http://<server_ip>
Credentials to setup the license admin/admin
Login into LogicalDOC (Admin user) admin/admin
Title Description Created Date Download

CentOS 7.3

2020-11-03 Download ( ova, 6.0 GB )

CentOS 7.3

2020-08-26 Download ( ova, 5.98 GB )

CentOS 7.3

2020-06-26 Download ( ova, 6.04 GB )

CentOS 7.3

2020-04-20 Download ( ova, 5.3 GB )

CentOS 7.3

2020-03-05 Download ( ova, 5.1 GB )

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