Version Control

LogicalDOC’s Integrated Version Control automatically manages each version of a document as it enters LogicalDOC. Every time a document is modified, a new version is produced and tracked. The document version is always visible – the latest version is put forward for current operations while previous versions remain viewable.

Version control allows you to monitor when any change was made and who performed it. A new version is created when a user changes metadata or when a check-out/check-in operation is performed. Check-out/check-in operations will also generate a new file version.

Benefits of this Feature

  • Eliminates the need for ad-hoc naming conventions to manage file versions, such as inserting numbers or dates in the file name
  • Users no longer need to remember to manually version documents
  • View who made changes to a document, when, and what was modified

Feature Details

  • Configurable first version number (1.0, .9, etc.)
  • Modifiable number of maintained historical versions for each document
  • Maintenance of major and minor document versions
  • Double versioning for documents and attached files
  • Differentiate between various document versions
  • Access to versions maintained for every document
  • Notes stored on each new version


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