Microsoft Outlook Add-in

LogicalDOC can integrate with Microsoft Outlook using an add-in that you can install on your PC.  
Once this add-in is installed, you will be able to save emails and attachments into LogicalDOC directly from Outlook. Likewise, you can easily attach documents from LogicalDOC to your outgoing messages.

Benefits of this Feature

  • Easily share stored documents with co-workers via email
  • Use LogicalDOC’s powerful search to find emails and attachments you’ve saved to the archive
  • Add documents to routing workflows for approval
  • Manage alerts to flag documents for future review by co-workers, including contract renewals

Feature Details

  • Available for Microsoft Outlook - 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Store selections of emails
  • Store attachments of a selection of emails
  • Attach documents stored in LogicalDOC to outgoing messages
  • Store outgoing emails
  • Search documents by file name or full-text index

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