Multi-Language Support

LogicalDOC is an international Document Management System that supports a wide variety of languages.

Language support means more than a simple translation of the user interface; it means LogicalDOC has the ability to appropriately manage documents in foreign languages by using specialized indexing algorithms.
This means you can feel at ease handling documents and correspondence coming from outside your country and you will never have to worry about the language of your users since all of them can access a localized, comfortable user interface. 

Currently supported languages include: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Bulgarian and Greek.

LogicalDOC provides an on-line translation program that allows you to contribute localizations and add support for new languages. 

Benefits of this Feature

  • Grant access to users from different countries and languages
  • Handle documents in various languages with the same application
  • Perform full-text searches in a specific language on the document repository
  • Contribute to the LogicalDOC language support system, helping to translate the product and add your own language 

Feature Details

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Our offices are located all over the globe with multi-language assistants to help you solve your document management needs. The network of partners ensures a widespread local presence to guarantee your investment.

Our support team is a dedicated professional crew. They are actively involved in product development

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