LogicalDOC Connector is an optional server component you can install on LogicalDOC Enterprise that implements the CIFS and FTP protocols. You can install LogicalDOC Connector in the same server that is hosting LogicalDOC or on a dedicated machine, in any case it will connect to your LogicalDOC instance and will act as a proxy allowing to your client PCs to connect by using the most common file sharing protocols:

The Common Internet File System (CIFS) is a network protocol used by Windows networking to provide disk and print shares. The support to this protocol allows you to access the LogicalDOC repository, from your desktop as though it were on the local machine/device.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol whose most common use is transfer files on a LAN. You can see LogialDOC as a plain FTP server and use this feature to tranfer files and folders through the network.


Benefits of this feature

  • Access the corporate LogicalDOC repository from your desktop like a traditional shared folder
  • Perform massive file tranfers with the maximum of performance through the FTP protocol

Feature details

  • Multi-platform installer
  • Support for the FTP protocol
  • Support for the CIFS/SMB protocol

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