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This document management system plugin allows you to integrate LogicalDOC (both community and commercial editions) in Wordpress CMS. It allows you to expose in a controlled way a portion of the document repository in WordPress, allowing folder browsing, document downloading and full-text search.

Through this Wordpress extension, it will be easy to publish the documents in a secure environment on a local area network (Intranet) or remote (Extranet).

Benefits of this feature

  • Ability to automatically publish LogicalDOC 's contents in your website
  • Give your users an easy way to use a web file manager and benefit or a search engine

Feature details

  • Ability to connect to whatever local or remote LogicalDOC instance
  • Display LogicalDOC's document table in Posts or Pages
  • Browse the content of folders with breadcrumb facility
  • Sort by different metadata
  • Perform full-text searches
  • Download documents
  • Ability to password protect access to a specific resource
  • Option to expose a restricted section of the document repository starting from a specific node (Folder ID)
  • Customizable columns set
  • Possibility of real-time filter the contents of a folder or a search
  • Free plugin
  • Wordpress admin

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