Check-in and Check-out

Check-In and Check-Out procedures allow users to change the file of a document. In LogicalDOC each document has an associated file and from time to time this one need to be updated, with this feature many people can work and edit the same document in a synchronized way so that no modifications are lost or overwritten. Users can view the status of documents, and know if a document is currently being worked or blocked and what is the person that is editing it. While a document is in the Check-Out status, it is always available for read-only operations like search and browsing.

Benefits of this feature

  • Users collaborate on documents and make individual changes with confidence that the changes will not deleted
  • Users changes are synchronized and applied to the correct version
  • Creates a document history, from which previous versions are accessible, and includes a viewable log of who made changes

Feature details

  • Lock / Unlock documents
  • Update a new document's file
  • Minor or Major version specification on each check-in
  • Users know which documents are checked out and by whom
  • Users can view, but not change, a checked-out file
  • The administrators can unlock documents in check-out status
  • Each users can see a list of his checked-out documents in the Dashboard
  • All check-in / check-out operations are logged and tracked
  • More details in the User's Guide

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