Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions

Renewing your on-premise LogicalDOC software is entirely optional, but it will ensure your continued access to the following benefits:

Error Corrections

You'll continue to receive LogicalDOC's support for another 12 months. LogicalDOC's support is available to you via our online ticketing system or through support email.

Software updates

Our products continue to evolve via frequent and significant updates. If you're after new features, ever improving usability and the latest innovations in issue tracking, active software maintenance ensures you continue to receive all the latest software updates for another 12 months.

Peace of mind

If your team depends on our products for many of its day to day activities, having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed support team offers great peace of mind.

Start of Maintenance

New on-premise license: Your 12 month software maintenance period will commence from the last date of the month in which you placed the order(eg. if you purchase on March 10th 20XX, your support will cover until March 31th 20XX)

Software maintenance renewal: Your 12 month software maintenance will commence from the expiration date of the previous maintenance period.

End of Maintenance

After the first 12 months, your software maintenance will expire and you will no longer be able to receive technical support or software updates. Renewing your software maintenance is done purely at your discretion and can be renewed in advance of your maintenance expiration to ensure uninterrupted access to the support and software updates.

As all commercial and academic licenses are perpetual, you can use your software into perpetuity. This means, the product will continue to operate the same way as it does before and after the maintenance period expires.

Please note: maintenance renewals commence from the date the previous maintenance period expires.

Maintenance renewal

If you want to renew the maintenance for your on-premise LogicalDOC software, you have to place a Purchase Order and you will be required to pay the 22% of the price of your license(that also includes optional features, components and customizations) at the time of renewal. In any case a minimum renewal price is applied.

The maintenance renewal must be purchased before the expiration of the current support period.

The software itself will warn you about the support expiration 30 days before the expiration date.

Credits for Maintenance renewal

If during the last support period you upgraded your on-premise license by purchasing new features or additional componets, no credits will be recognized at the moment to renew the support.

So you will always pay the 22% of the license price(includings optional features, components and customizations) at the time of renewal (or the minimum renewal price when it applies).

Reconnection of an expired maintenance contract

It is possible to reconnect an expired installation for another 12 months by placing a Purchase Order and paying the following items:

  • 22% of the actualized price of your license (or the minimum renewal price when it applies)
  • the actualized price of your license (or the minimum renewal price when it applies) divided by twelve and multiplied for each month passed since the expiration date

What is not covered by the software maintenance

All the aspects not strictly related to the solution of errors or to the upgrade to newer releases are not covered by the software maintenance, in particular the following elements are not covered: training, migration of an existing installation to a new server, downgrade to a previous release, installation of SSL certificates, backup(if you do not use LogicalDOC Backup tool), restore of a damaged installation(if you do not use LogicalDOC Backup tool),  custom reports design and assistance, analysis, consultacy. All the services not covered by the standard contract, can be purchased apart.

This document is published at the "Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions" section of this site and is subject to updating.

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