Folder Alias

Folder Alias

In the past one of the complaints of our users was to be unable to grant access to a folder where the user is not allowed to access a parent folder. With Version 7.5, LogicalDOC offers a completely new developed folder system that allows you to create aliases at any level in order to grant to anyone the access to any nested folder.

With this, Administrator are now equipped with a robust way to handle security and grant the access to the right users without taking care about the folders tree.

RESTful Web Services

RESTful Web Services

RESTful Web services has become one of the most important technologies for Web applications. Every major development language now includes frameworks for building RESTful Web services.

As such, it is important for Web developers and architects to count on a robust REST interface at the moment to integrate the document management system in their infrastructure. With Version 7.5, the Web Services support was enhanced by implementing the RESTful specifications that now coexist with the other rock solid state SOAP counterpart.

Mobile Web Interface

Mobile Web Interface

This new mobile interface allows devices such as tablet/smartphone or other to use LogicalDOC through the system browser or a third-party App browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

LogicalDOC already offers native Apps for Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone), but as the world of mobile devices is constantly evolving, and new operating systems appear daily in the market to compete for the scene, our development team decided to implement a further web interface so that you can access your documents with a simple interface; No need to install any App.

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More information about the characteristics and changes in LogicalDOC 7.5 is available on our Wiki.

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