End of Life Policy (EOLP)

Products reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, security issues, technology innovation and development driving changes in the product, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology. While this is an established part of the overall product life cycle, LogicalDOC recognizes that end-of-life milestones often prompt companies to review the way in which such end-of-sale and end-of-life milestones impact the LogicalDOC products in their environments. With that in mind, we have set out below LogicalDOC's end-of-life policy to help customers better manage their end-of-life transition and to understand the role that LogicalDOC can play in helping to migrate to alternative LogicalDOC products.

The general policy guidelines are:

  • As a general rule, LogicalDOC will provide 3 months' notice of the affected product's end-of-life date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered. This notice will appear on the LogicalDOC.com site and we encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful informations.
  • For the first 3 months following the end-of-life date, we will provide bug fixes, work arounds, or patches for critical bugs reported via the TAC or LogicalDOC.com Web site

You will need to ensure that you have a current and fully paid support contract with LogicalDOC. Please contact your Support Service regarding fees payable during the end-of-life period so that we can support you right through the end-of-life transition period.


This document is published at the "End of Life Policy" section of this site and is subject to updating.

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