Handling Sales and Marketing Documents

The possibility to trace at anytime, anywhere all the documents of a commercial negotiation, from its beginning to its conclusion, is a unique opportunity for the work's quality of Agents and Commercials.

tracking documentsEvery business always wants to have their document files accessible at any given point in time. Document management is the organization of files and business documents in such a way that these files can be traced anytime, anywhere by any member of the sales and marketing team. Ability to trace business and marketing documents should not just be a desire; it is something that can be done.

It is crystal clear that for business to generate leads and close sales, marketing and sales personnel heavily rely on one document or the other. Consequently, it is highly paramount that these highly sensitive documents are well kept and made accessible to right members of the sales team at any given point in time. Accessibility is only feasible if these documents are kept in orderly manner.

However, the truth of the matter is that reviewing and gaining access to these vital documents is not as simple as one will think it should be. Sales team and personnel deal with many documents and files on the job, proposals, collateral pieces, ROI sheets, and much more at their disposal. It is not always easy for downline to sift through content to discover the vital information that matter. With so much material to analyze, how do teams make sure that their content has indeed been appropriately vetted?

Sales and marketing teams can have a better control by implementing a document management strategy. Document management tools in the public or private cloud allow teams gain access to, store, and organize documents. Below are some effective tips to implement if you are looking to get started on managing the sales and marketing documents.

Effective Organization of Business Documents

document organizationWith numerous documents, how do businesses organize their content in an effective and orderly manner? Shared folders are certainly not an effective solution since they don't allow you to manage multiple versions or gain access to content and files as quickly as you would want to. In fact, some reports have revealed that through the use of shared folders, you might waste 50 per cent of your time merely searching for a document.

In the same vein, you'll want to take a flexible and easy approach. Sales and marketing teams launch new campaigns, add clients, expand into new geographical locations, etc. So you must be in a position to adapt the way you organize your content regularly. Simply placing files into a folder means you reduce the capability to locate these documents later when there is need to recall them for referencing purpose.

One of the most effective approaches of managing your business document is by applying metadata to structure your documents. Take a look at the current method of storing up your online business document for future use. Is it by location of the business, by product offer or deal, by function (sales, marketing), by client (Customer A, Partner B), or by the day of deadline for the sales to be closed? This structure can help to come up with the best way to organize effectively your documents in an orderly manner. It will also inspire you on the best approach to take. Once you discover a better way, ensure that newly added documents are tagged appropriately, making future retrieval a pain-free process. Doing this will definitely save you a lot of time, stress and resources in dealing with your documents.



Use Social Tools to Source for Content

Especially in marketing and sales, it is not easy to know what affects people, especially when everyone is looking for something different. A salesperson might need a proven proposal. A service team member may require a contract template. A marketing person may need evidence that contractual agreement is in place. However, if you are not aware of the existence of a document, it is possible that you might never take advantage of it. Hence, you can make use of social media tools.

The trends on the social media networks are one which could help sales teams here. Look for a tactic that allows you measure the documents employed and recommended. Just like on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, suggested content should be put into consideration. This implies you know what to consider based on the opinions of the colleagues.






Team Work is Important

Developing marketing and advertising materials is really a team work and involves collaboration among the team members. This can be a difficult process when huge varieties of documents are flying between teams. So how does one make sure that associates are capable to work together effectively?

Social tools play a huge role here. Try to use centralized work areas, where you are able to monitor changes to your document and aggregate comments from users. Don't depend upon in-document commenting, unless you're working with a very small team. Doing so will lead to having a tidal wave of comments and suggestions that could become impossible to regulate.






Management of the Approval Process

approvation process workflow A key component of producing great marketing and sales material is to make sure the collaborating that you just did, yields an approved document. A great proposal is worthless if it has no legal backing that it has been executed. Understand who has the jurisdiction to validate the task with your team. Until you can convert your lead to clients, your negotiation is not yet a success

Then, once an agreed workflow is in place, ensure it is accessible to others. Make a workflow format that may be used repeatedly. There is a lot of insight in getting this done and it makes the marketing effort easier.






Efficient Sharing and Distribution of Documents

It is also important to ensure that the template or content that designed is available to the right teams. An efficient way for marketing and sales teams to do this is usually to make the documents highly visible. This can be done by making use of various tools available.

If you will be able to do this in collaboration with common tools such as CRM application, that will be better. For instance, you could potentially create a proposal that is used for any particular client. Save it to your account inside your CRM tool and synchronize it with your document management tool.

sharing documents

What does that make available for you? It ensures you have a document that has been appropriately vetted by colleagues, approved, and available for the right user and can easily be recalled when needed.

By signing up for these tactics for managing profits and marketing documents, it is possible to generate materials that might be more effective and can be effectively controlled. That may translate to having better results for your sales and marketing teams.

Businesses heavily rely on document management for success of their commercial negotiations. The effectiveness of a team highly depends on how they can manage negotiation and contract documents efficiently. For this, you will need to find tools that can help in the management of the documents. LogicalDOC as a document management system can be of great help in tracking documents anytime, anywhere. The system is available both as installable software package (On-Premise) that as Cloud solution.

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