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The possibility to trace at anytime, anywhere all the documents of a commercial negotiation, from its beginning to its conclusion, is a unique opportunity for the work's quality of Agents and Commercials.

In LogicalDOC, the composition of commercial negotiations and all documents associated with it, internally or externally exchanged may be stored in a folder dedicated to the negotiation.
This allows you to always have all the historical documents in order to easily handle the caseload, while minimizing processing time and facilitate the full transfer of knowledge among agents.

You can also send via e-mail the download ticket for viewing a document and this allows you to notify the agent about important changes.

With the management of Commercial Direction, LogicalDOC answers to the following requirements:

  • handling of the negotiation
  • production of the offers
  • managements of offer versions
  • monitoring of the progress of negotiations

Handled documents:

Customers requests, Documents that launched a negotiation, Commercial offers, Mails, Faxes, Emails, Internal communications, External communications, Customer orders.

Involved officies:

Commercial Direction, Marketing Manager, Agents, Commercial Secretary.

Advantages for the Manager:

In LogicalDOC, starting from data released by the commercial, the Marketing Manager and Sales Office can view the documents of the various commercial negotiations.

Advantages in the handling of the commercial negotiations:

The beginning of a negotiation may be a result of several events: a written request from the customer records, data collected during an event, call the prospect, telemarketing operations, etc...
In LogicalDOC, each of these actions may take the form of an unstructured document and marks the beginning of the negotiation.

Advantages in the creation of the offer:

In LogicalDOC the offer may be filed by a WORD template that is constantly maintained by the Marketing and the Law Office. All offers are produced or updated until the end of the negotiation, and are automatically stored with a version number.
Won negotiations are concluded with the order of the customer, who may also be the same offer signed for acceptance, or a paper document sent by fax or mail or email.
Even this document is archived in LogicalDOC by the agent that certifies the correctness, so that the sales office has all the needed informations.
The lost negotiations must be delivered a document which contains the reasons for the non-conclusion.

Advantages in the use of the WEB interface:

By providing web access to these agents, they will have access to the documents they are responsible for, both for research and for storage from anywhere without having to go to work.
In the same way, they may proceed to update data in the documentary archive, updating in real time sales information. The Marketing Manager can remotely monitor the progress of negotiations.

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