Research and Development

The treasure of every company is the knowledge base that it establishes over years of operation. Often this knowledge is not formalized, and instead remains confined to certain individuals.

Is your organization's knowledge safe?
What happens if an employee decides to move on?
Will the company knowledge be available to others following that departure?
How do you manage multiple versions of a document when your R&D team works on a new project?

LogicalDOC provides a secure platform to manage all of your documents. Your documents are safe and still easily accessible whenever you need them. You can view previous versions, link related documents, and collaborate with your research colleagues. Even more, LogicalDOC provides the ideal tool for creating a formal knowledge base that can be shared within your organization, allowing you to easily find and share information.
A knowledge base created in this way becomes an invaluable resource for the organization, especially in the case of employee departures.

With the creation and management of this knowledge base, LogicalDOC answers the following needs:

  • Sharing of documentation and manuals
  • Sharing of ideas
  • A repository of problems and solutions
  • Full-text searches
  • Discussion forums on documents

Handled Documents

  • Manuals
  • Technical documents
  • Drafts
  • Internal communications

Involved Offices

  • Research and Development
  • Direction
  • Commercial Direction
  • Marketing Manager
  • Agents
  • Commercial Secretary
  • Technical Office

Advantages for Personnel

In LogicalDOC, documents can be stored in folders, allowing user browsing very similar to that of a normal PC.

Document text indexing allows users to perform full-text searches. Whatever the topic of interest is, LogicalDOC makes it easy to find any document addressing that topic.

This dramatically improves productivity by allowing any user to quickly find needed information.

Advantages of Using the Web Interface

Through the Web Interface, anyone can access company documents without having to install any additional software. This accessibility facilitates productivity and allows use of the company knowledge base.


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