Paperless Office with LogicalDOC

Fascinated by the idea of ​​a paperless office?
With LogicalDOC document management it's possible to replace paper documents with their electronic counterpart, gaining a competitive advantage derived from a more efficient management of your business, more effective protection of data, enhanced collaboration and rationalization of operations.

Document management system, also known as content management system, commonly provide storage, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities.

Our solution is very effective for any type of business since it can help you in various ways:

1 Increased data security. The DMS can ascertain that the control access and privileged access to your company data stay under control. This is possible since every log of who gains access to whichever document is recorder. Stored files and emails can also be encrypted to boost data security. Space is also saved since you won’t need capital to set up a warehouse or a small office to physically store any previous paper records.

2 Costs are reduced from the filing to the distribution levels. Sharing files digitally or accessing them through the same means is e way cheaper than paper, faxing a document is more expensive, hence e-mailing would be a cheaper alternative.

3 Access levels can be regulated as data can be limited to a specific group of users and they can all exchange files digitally than they would on paper.

4 A document Management System improves employee policy since it can make everyone follow approval processes that are as strict as you want. This ensures that the business operates consistently.

5 The SoX (Sarbanes Oxley) and HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) regulations will be adhered to with the help of DMS.

Selecting the right DMS

On the market there are many document management systems, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. Some systems are definitely complex and expensive, but others are simpler, cheaper and more suitable for small businesses. At the same time you have to pay attention to the performance and hardware requirements. Indeed a software can be aesthetically very nice but a disaster from the point of view of performance, or might require a hardware equipment of relief. This could raise the overall costs of the solution.

Data recovery and document protection

Document management systems can help safeguard your data by providing multiple layers of protection around your sensitive documents, and data recovery features that depend on the selected package and the options enabled. Some of the security policies available include encryption, audit trails and password protection.

Opting for a hosted, SaaS or Cloud based document management

With this option, your documents are readily available on the go. Normally you can access these applications through the Web using a standard browser. In most cases the buyers are entitled to monthly license fee and a pay per-user fee for renting the software.

Viewing Options for Documents

With LogicalDOC, you can easily gain access to your documents, folders and other rich media content through an improved User Interface. Some of the new features include the added preview, properties, toggle actions. Additionally, other content formats are fully supported e.g. video and audio preview which can be used for presentations or product training.

The interactive user interface makes it easier for users to understand, which includes knowing how to use Mobile devices to access documents and content.

Marketing materials and new products from suppliers within a specific location can be updated from a centralized point and all company members can gain full access to the information or any emerging issues that are based on their access privileges and security levels.

Easily locate, search and view documents alongside its metadata.

mobile devices

Creating or Adding Documents to LogicalDOC

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Apart from the scanned documents that are usually in mail or fax format, there are some other ways in which documents can be added to LogicalDOC. People can easily drag and drop their files onto folders located in LogicalDOC, and modify them with 3rd party applications like Microsoft Office tools.

One of the most important features to the users is the added ability for securing documents that are created within a specific user group.

In addition, the security on folders is not limited only to groups, individual users can be enabled from time to time access to folders and documents contained therein.


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