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Producing knowledge in every organization plays a vital part in the value of organizational development. The Knowledge management system will handle the organization’s critical issues to survive the competence in facing the increasingly periodic changes of the business environment. This is essential in covering the organizational procedures that seeks an accessible and secure interaction between the combination of information and data processing capabilities and the innovative abilities of the employees in information technologies.

Stopping the Information Chaos

Most of the business information happens in a formless data format. Because of this, most of the professionals in the business spend so much time in searching for an information needed in their job. It is very crucial in business competition to have a fast knowledge in retrieving an essential factor for the business’ efficiency. LogicalDOC as a document management system will improve the knowledge retrieval of the organization by indexing and securing your needed content. This feature will help you in saving more valuable time for resource searching and knowledge recreating.

You can make decisions faster considering all the related and relevant information. This can considerably increase your new employees’ ability to become more productive rather than searching files on shared drives and cabinets. This is easy and will give you an increased satisfaction of customers and employees while having a competitive advantage and innovative self-service in the industry.

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Build Knowledge Storage

cloud storage

Central Repository – As its name implies, the knowledge is organized into the categorized and structural workspaces, documents and folders. You can easily access any information about the business that is stored in the central repository.

Knowledgement management software is all about the sharing and storing an accumulated collective expertise and understanding within the organization’s techniques, processes and operations. It treats the knowledge as a vital resource and a key factor in intellectual capital that allows the human resource practitioners in influencing the part in people management.

Manage Knowledge Life-Cycle


Version and Revision Control

Version control allows to track who changed which document and when, with ability to roll back to a previous version if needed. A new version is created when a user changes metadata or when the document's content is changed.


Access Logs

LogicalDOC has a complete audit trail function that captures what actions have been taken upon documents such as viewing, emailing, checking out, downloading, and deleting. This allows to rebuild the exact sequence of events on the document or folder


Document Approval Route

Approval Workflows provide an easy way to automate the editing, review, and approval of documents between multiple LogicalDOC users. This will improve the collaboration in your team or group’s operation


Annotations and Comments

Annotations play an important role in the process of knowledge sharing. They provide a relevant part of the feedback loop on the quality of content and presentation of a document or article.

knowledge management life cycle

This is a structure within an organization that views all its information management processes as a knowledge processes. Having this view, the business processes will involve disseminating, creating, applying and renewing the knowledge towards an organizational survival and sustenance. Essentially, it means it focuses on making the right things rather than making things right. The essential principle is that what’s best yesterday cannot be taken for granted as what’s best tomorrow or today. Nevertheless, double-loop learning: the relearning and unlearning process is needed in the design of the organizational knowledge life cycle which is necessary for business companies because of the fast changing pace of tomorrow. To cope up with this business environment changes, the organizations are needed to constantly re-assess their core procedures of managing business for continuing effectiveness.

Share and Re-Use Corporate Knowledge

With the help of a document management system you are enabled to quickly find an existing information and re-use its content in project reports, documents, RFQs, offering and all the other recurring document programs. It will offer you a facility in order for you to share documents among the members whether or not they are present in one location or hundreds.

Eliminating the Staff Training Time

The company can reduce a large time for the training of the staffs by using LogicalDOC. You can reduce the staff training and you can give new employees a fast hand on approach for their learning. To achieve this objectives, you need to upload your company’s documents and procedures in which are directly searchable and indexed. You can assign different privileges on different users. The information saved in a document management system can be exported or printed to several formats. You can assign these knowledge items for the new comers or employees for reading, self-training and learning purposes.

Organizations must be competitively conscious in need to successfully implement a system for knowledge management. LogicalDOC provides a software platform which includes an applying relation between the best practices of an archived organization and actions made by the organization members constructed on the given information. With this information, it also includes separating connection between the actions made by the organization members that serves continues balance and check in renewing its best practices. This is the place where an intellectual organizational innovation and creativity come into picture. It will replace the traditional knowledge sharing such as the systematic training involvements that appears together with the life-cycle pattern of things and will contribute on enhancing the employees organizational well-being, performance and effectiveness.

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