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Today, organizations are often unaware of the knowledge that they have produced. Moreover, they may be oblivious as to how that information can be of value to organizational development.

To be competitive in the real world, an organization must establish a platform for knowledge management that allows its information assets to be both secure and accessible.

Stop the Information Chaos

Most corporate information exists in unstructured data formats. As a result, the majority of business professionals spend as much as two hours a day searching for the information they need to do their job. Fast knowledge retrieval is an essential element of business efficiency.

As a knowledge management system, LogicalDOC improves knowledge retrieval by indexing content and providing all the security you need. These features help you to stop wasting valuable time and resources searching and recreating knowledge.

Decisions are made faster while taking into account all the relevant and related information. Precious time that otherwise would be wasted searching for files in cabinets and shared drives instead can be used to complete more productive tasks.

Build Knowledge Storage

Central Repository – Knowledge is structured into organizational and hierarchical workspaces, folders, and documents

Protect Knowledge Assets

Group-based Knowledge Access – Secure and relevant knowledge sharing
User-based Knowledge Access – Secure and relevant knowledge sharing

Manage Knowledge Life-Cycle

Version and Revision Control – Members always have access to the most up-to-date knowledge
Access Log – Tracks knowledge usage history
Document Approval Route – Improved workflow coordinates your team’s operations
Discussion and Comments – Records communication regarding document development

Share and Re-Use Corporate Knowledge

Quickly find existing information and reuse content in project documents,  reports, offerings, RFQs, and other recurring document programs.

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