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Streamline the management of health information using a document control system

In many countries, local or federal legislation guarantees that a patient’s privacy is protected by ensuring that medical facilities comply with strict regulations. However, the enormous number of documents that medical practitioners must handle on a daily basis makes privacy control difficult and time-consuming.

Luckily, LogicalDOC simplifies this task for both patients and medical staff. This software aids medical facilities in complying with privacy regulations and also makes it easier for staff to manage the extensive document load. Additionally, it lets patients quickly and easily access their records.

How LogicalDOC may improve digital processes in the medical field

The LogicalDOC system simplifies organization and privacy. Our system offers optimized search and retrieval tools, which reduce response time and ensure that documents are never lost, meaning customers are always happy.
In addition, the use of digital documentation means that less storage space is needed for the files and office expenses, such as toner and paper, are reduced. Hospitals, clinics, and health care companies can scan document hard copies and store and organize digital copies in a secure, structured system.
Since LogicalDOC is integrated into existing office systems, it allows staff members to focus on patient care.

Handled Documents

  • Patient Documentation
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Medical Publications, and more

Involved Offices and Personnel

  • Clinic/Hospital Staff
  • Medical Practitioners and Doctors
  • Patients

Improved Processes

  • Patient documents and medical record management
  • Medical knowledge base
  • Conversion of hard copies to digital records

Advantages of Using the Mobile Interface

LogicalDOC can be accessed from a wide variety of mobile devices, allowing easy access to all the stored documents from anywhere inside the facility.

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