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How to save time and money with document management

Think for a moment what your business could do with a few hundred hours of extra labor on an annual basis. What sort of impact would thousands of dollars in cost-savings have on your bottom line? For most organizations, this would translate into an incredible competitive advantage regardless of their niche. Implementing a modern, cloud-based document management system can deliver all these advantages, and more besides.
Let’s do some basic math; on average, each employee a business has devotes approximately 40-50 minutes each day to document-related tasks according to recent statistics and studies on productivity. Saving files, archiving them, classifying them properly, making sure the relevant people have copies, faxing things, emailing back and forth, and more.

With ~220 business days in a normal year, this adds up to ~165 lost hours of labor for each and every employee under your roof. If your average cost of labor is in the ballpark of $20/hr, this equals over $3,300 on an annual basis that you are simply throwing away on busywork.

Take a look at our handy calculator if you’re interested in replacing our assumptions with numbers from your own business.

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3 ways LogicalDOC improves your business

Savings on Labor – As mentioned above, it is quite simple to save thousands of dollars on an annual basis simply by implementing a document management system which can speed things up for your employees. Every minute spend emailing documents to colleagues or searching in vain for the latest cost reports is money lost for your business.

Other Cost Savings – Document management produces a variety of other cost savings as well. You’ll need significantly less floor space in your office once you bid goodbye to those bulky filing cabinets. You’ll also spend a lot less on a monthly basis on toner, paper, and office supplies as you transition to a digital document management system.

Enhanced Productivity – Your employees will find it easier than ever before to collaborate when they have access to a modern document management system. Communications between different departments of your business will also dramatically improve, leaving you more time than ever before to focus on your core competencies.

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