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LogicalDOC 6.8 Feature Highlights

Email contacts address book

Using LogicalDOC’s integrated address book, it is easy to save and use all your e-mail addresses.

When you need to send documents, it will be quick to select the right recipients with just a couple of clicks like you are used to do with your preferred desktop mail application.

When you type a new address it is automatically saved in your personal address book.

Send emails directly from LogicalDOC to your contacts is as natural as you ever asked to a Document Management System.

Connector for CIFS and FTP protocols

The Common Internet File System (CIFS) is a network protocol used by Windows networking to provide disk and print shares. The support to this protocol allows you to access the LogicalDOC repository, from your desktop as though it were on the local machine/device.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol whose most common use is transfer files on a LAN. You can see LogialDOC as a plain FTP server and use this feature to tranfer files and folders through the network.


Bulk Checkout

With this new feature you can select a list of document and check out them with a single action.

The documents are automatically downloaded in a local temporary area and a popup window shows the list of the checked out elements. You can click on them to open the editor and apply your modifications. Once you finished you can check in the modifications.

This new approach will speedup your revision activities.

  • For more information about the features of LogicalDOC 6.8, visit our Wiki.