LogicalDOC 7.3 Feature Highlights

Stamping (Digital Watermarking)

Stamp is allowed for any document which is a PDF or can be converted to PDF. You can put a stamp in a document without the need to download it in your desktop. You can define several stamps, activate/disable them and assign them to specific users.

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Forms Management

You can define a set of forms to help users in filling informations and producing well designed documents. A form is always associated to a Template and defines a rendering layout. The user provides the values for the template's fields and LogicalDOC renders the document as PDF file by applying the given layout.

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ShareFile integration

LogicalDOC is integrated with Citrix ShareFile and allows you to import and export documents and folders between both applications.

With this feature you can:

  • Import and export files from and to your ShareFile account
  • Export and import folders to and from your ShareFile account
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More information about the characteristics and changes in LogicalDOC 7.3 is available on our Wiki.

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